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A Call To Lead

photo of Sarah Pelmas
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Head of School and O’Donnell Family Chair

For 138 years, Winsor has empowered generations of girls to pursue their aspirations, discover new talents, develop critical skills, and contribute to the world we share.

This education develops students with strong voices who know what matters most to them, and who go out into the world determined to make a difference.

Such an experience is only possible when we bring together the most inspiring teachers with the most talented and ambitious students. Our vision is to ensure this extraordinary educational experience for generations to come.

Winsor Leads is a historic opportunity to realize our strategic vision so that we can:

  • welcome the most extraordinary applicants, regardless of their financial need;
  • build an inclusive Winsor experience for everyone;
  • deliver academic excellence every day;
  • and secure Winsor’s future forever, together.
image of Sarah Pelmas' Signature


Head of School and O’Donnell Family Chair


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Gifts at every level will get us over the finish line together.

Campaign Leadership

photo of Winsor School Capital Campagin co chairs

Our campaign co-chairs are trusted members of the Winsor community and loyal ambassadors for the school. Their devotion to our campaign is clear in their authentic ambassadorship, and their enthusiasm for elevating Winsor Leads as a top philanthropic priority in their lives is an inspiration to our whole community.

“The power of a Winsor education lies in the role models that our students see every day. They learn that women can lead anything, make anything, think anything, do anything. When the world has needs, Winsor answers the call. In complex times like these, Winsor leads.”


Head of School and O’Donnell Family Chair

Board of Trustees


Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89, P’21, ’22

Vice President

Larry Cheng P’23, ’25, ’28


Lori Whelan P’23, ’25

Assistant Treasurer

David E. Goel P’23


Elizabeth Bennett Carroll ’89

Board Members

Chris Andrews P’26, ex officio
Eman Ansari P’20, ’24, ’28
Wendy Cromwell P’21
Polly Crozier ’92, P’30
Jennifer Dolins P’23, ’26
Linda Dorcena Forry P’28

Claire Pasternack Goldsmith ’01
Mary Beth Gordon P’23, ’26
Ashley Marlenga Herbst ’01, ex officio
Risteard Hogan P’23
David Humphrey P’28, ’31
Sam Kennedy P’23
Jessica Lutzker P’25
Mallika Marshall P’27
Elise McDonald P’26, ’28
Suzanne Ranere Norris ’94
Joseph J. O’Donnell P’05, ’07
Paresh Patel P’27, ’29, ’30
Sarah Pelmas
Marion Russell ’91, P’22, ’25
Kerry Swords P’23, ’27
Perry M. Traquina P’09, ’13
Emily Lubin Woods ’91, P’26

Your leadership gift now lights the way for generations to come.