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photo of the Pellegrinos

“There’s something about an all-girls education that allows growth and curiosity to develop in a way that’s not self-conscious. Our two girls were able to go through their time at Winsor, find out who they were, what they were good at, and become better at it.”

Stephen Pellegrino P’21, ’22

Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89 and Stephen Pellegrino P’21, ’22

Allison Kaneb Pellegrino and  Stephen Pellegrino are committed to making Winsor accessible to as many students as possible, and to supporting Winsor in attracting the most excellent teachers for those students. Allison began her current role as board chair and president of the Winsor Corporation in 2015. A member of Winsor’s Class of 1989, she went on to earn her B.A. at Southern Methodist University and her M.B.A. at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. After beginning her career at State Street Bank and Trust, she co-founded Pernix Equity Investments in 1997 with her husband, Stephen. She served as vice president and treasurer of the small private equity firm before retiring after the birth of her first child. She was a trustee of the Dexter Southfield School for six years, where she served on their Development and Governance Committees. Allison has served on the Board of Managers of The Vincent Club as well as the Vincent Memorial Hospital whose purpose is to support women’s health care at the Massachusetts General Hospital. A recipient of Winsor’s Alumnae Service Award, she has been a class liaison and a member of the Alumnae Board and the 125th Anniversary Committee. Stephen remains the president of Pernix Equity Investments. She and Stephen reside in Westwood and have three children, Stephen, Eleanor ’21 and Alexandra ’22.

Our goal is ambitious. Our success is guaranteed, with your support.